Electroplated diamond tools, represent a product that is reliable, accurate, economical and efficient. We will provide you with high quality tools, that have a wide range of applications, for a wide range of materials.

Grit sizes and applications:

We carry a wide range of diamond, cubic boron nitride, (black and amber). Diamond is usually used for the working of, tungsten carbide, plastics, glass, glass fibre, ceramics, carbon, cermets and various other materials. Where as CBN is most commonly used on hard steels.


Diamond, CBN, and ABN wheels, have only a thin layer of very hard abrasive, highly concentrated over the grinding surface. Because of this high concentration of abrasive, plated wheels will cut very freely, are less likely to load than conventional wheels, and be produced to almost any profile.

Wheels cannot be trued on the spindle and therefore it must be mounted and clocked accurately before commencing grinding. Failure to do so will usually cause premature breakdown or serious damage to the wheel and could result in damage to your equipment and machinery. It is not possible to dress an electro plated wheel but, loaded wheels can be cleaned by scrubbing vigorously with detergent.

In general electro plated wheels are designed to operate in the speed range 4,500 - 6,000 s.f.p.m. although for small routers, internal grinders, cone points etc, the operating speed is usually lower, dependent upon the equipment available and the safety regulations governing these small mounted points.


Formed wheels:

When designing forms of this type, it should be remembered that sharp corners cannot be produced due to diamond build up, also the greatest stress is applied to sharp forms which causes greater wear. The actual size radius which can be produced, is shown in table 1, as is the diamond build up.

BS 410 Plating Build Up Minimum Radii
Mesh Range. Inch Mm. Inch Mm
36 / 44 0.020 0.508
44 / 60 0.016 0.406
60 / 72 0.012 0.304
80 / 100 0.0085 0.2159 0.023 0.584
100 / 150 0.0075 0.1905 0.017 0.432
150 / 200 0.0055 0.1397 0.015 0.381
240 / 300 0.004 0.1016 0.012 0.304
400 0.003 0.0762
500 0.002 0.0508
600 0.001 0.0254



As plated wheels cannot be trued it is essential to mount them carefully and accurately. The wheel will be manufactured accurately, it must be clocked onto the spindle to obtain running truth. Ensure that machine spindles and bearings are in good condition, and are accurate.


Electro plated wheels like other diamond wheels operate efficiently at speeds of 4,500 - 6,000 feet per minute, when grinding hard metals, ceramics and most plastics. For internal grinding operations, speeds with depend upon equipment available and in many instances satisfactory results will be obtained at speeds, of 10,000 r.p.m. and lower. For optimum results, spindles should run at 50,000 r.p.m. or higher, dependent, upon the diameter of the grinder.

Glass and ceramics:

Plated products are in many instances ideal for cutting off, edging, profiling, drilling glass and ceramics. Speeds are similar to those used for hard metals, finish is dependent on the size of the abrasive.


Because of the soft nature of these materials which tend to load the surface of diamond grinding wheels it is usual to plate with coarse grits, normally in the 36 - 100 range. This will allow the greatest relief for swarf clearance. It is advisable to use coolant where-ever possible.


We carry a stock of standard diamond needle files, they are 160 mm in length, and are plated, in 120/140 grit. A selection of coarse and fine files are available. We can supply other file shapes, and sizes, in a grit of your request.

Files can be purchased in singles, as well as larger shipments, larger orders attract a discount. Trade prices are available, call to secure a price. The more you buy the cheaper they become. We can usually send out your file orders within a day, although some larger orders may take another day or two to prepare.



We can obtain, most types of file blanks, however, we do not make our own blanks, we can order them from other companies, but this may reflect in the price, however if we are plating your blanks then the delivery times will be reduced considerably as will be the cost.

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